Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A reminder

Susan Collins promised that she would serve only two terms. That's right, two terms. Her second term will end in 2008, and she has already planned on running in 2008. What does that make her? A liar. Ms. Collins, when you make a promise, please back it up.


Susan Collins is very popular, but also pledged only to serve two-terms and it looks like she might retire, having only raised $400,000 for her reelection. If she runs again, she will be hard to beat, having a 69% approval rating, though attacking her for breaking her two-term pledge in a blue state like Maine could signal her defeat. If she decides not to run, it looks like Rep. Tom Allen, who has raised $440,000, could take this seat. Run, Allen, run!

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yankeedoodler said...

It's fascinating to me that a number of House Republicans, who pledged to serve no longer than six terms in the Contract With America, lost their seats last Tuesday.

Poetic justice, in a way.

In Charlie Bass' case, he was never really pressed by the media on his broken Contract, but there was really a cascade of LTEs in the newspaper about it.

Sen. Collins will certainly have to explain to the people of Maine why she is going back on her word, especially now that her party is in the minority.